Pete and I were friends since elementary school, now in 1967, we were both working, but they were almost like brothers, played for the cricket itself and football teams were now in danger, when all the beer drinking all in Manchester Friday night! Last night was made ​​Pete and I decided that they dare not, be sure to get home, I’m angry as he was better coordinated. Her mother had heard shocking us into his room and helped me to keep safely in her bed, she insisted that I stayed in room sisters because I was not sure, so again, your thoughts are not mine. Pete and I used to spend the night with everyone and their mother, Jen was always kind and had been since the early days, has disappeared his sister Sally had appeared in his college, practically every weekend, and was always welcome . voice Jen interrupted my thoughts, “if you have two drunks is not down here in two pornoxo minutes the bacon to the dogs loose, ” fighting out of bed I shuffled to my everans and shirts still cling to the traction of Pete from his bed, told me yhe first time was when Jen was less likely to bollock me. When I saw the kitchen in my last bacon sandwich Jen saying that you should sit at the table when they entered the coffee made, Jen was always good, sometimes it was hard to see, as Pete ‘s mother, dressed in a modern style and it seemed almost like an older sister. his mother, sister Sally were very similar in appearance, but at 19 years Sally was slim, while Jen was a real woman, very curvacious, short hair, the style of Mary Quant, and fit like a dog butcher Pete ‘s father seemed positive compared with the old. Pete appeared shame, we fit, Jen kiss on the cheek and passed me the coffee, sitting next to me, she came to us at the table, “if you will learn that they were in terrible condition last night, someone could have taken advantage of in this state, ” while completing his comment and looked directly at me just a greetingnt a smile crossed his lips, said Pete laughs, no sense, ” believe me I know it’s true, ” again a slight smile crossed his lips. Finish our sandwiches and coffee I asked if I take a quick bath as possible before returning home, Jen nodded with approval and went and went away, and went to the bathroom, Jen had left pornoxo a towel on the tub, filled the bathroom and pulled my pants and I realized for the first time in the interior of the dry milk, what a mess that must have a hell of a wet dream, it was as if my mother had starched front! When I was in the tub watching Jen thought, afraid I had been masturbating in a drunken stupor how bloody would be embarrassing. Jen ‘s voice interrupted my thoughts on the door: “I have some clean boxers had left on the bed, in writing, and I had with the football team”, how the hell they know God, I have been very acidic. I was desperate to attract fast that myCape embarrasement staining my face when I shot down the stairs Jen met me in the room “to come for coffee, Pete was a bath, you wait. ” According to her in the kitchen of my eyes to your hips predominant retreated rapidly spinning struck me, ” Do you remember now?” Asked him to explain lecivious a smile on his face, for me an excuse that I could not remember anything and insist that not happen again, muttered, “never say never,” he said over coffee. The situation is relaxed, as Pete arrived, the drainage of our coffee surpassed football strips and left, Jens concluding pornoxo remarks follow our departure, “I am your rooms ready, tonight does not make much noise,” A n spite of beer the night before we play also won the game and returned to my hand, feed us and mother of eight, we have in the city, Pete hit the beer again, I decided that I am taking it constantly, until pornoxo 11 30 was again without legs because it was relatively early, beganAt the bus and then walked the last mile, when we entered the house Jen was about to go to bed, ” I will come to help, is more like his father every day. ” When Pete got the room we left, obviously upset, he left without saying a word, with relatively little effort, he was in his bed, and found myself in Lucy ‘s room, and quickly hit the sack, falling asleep. I was in the middle of a fantastic dream, a fine hand stroking my penis pornoxo and testicles, the result of the erection of the best I’ve achieved, intense throbbing hard and with such force that began to ache, blood in the head and then hand back its power to start cautiously up and down its length. As the hand he continued to work in a hot tongue on to my ear, I felt so real I could feel the hot breath on my neck, the tip of the tongue probing my ear. Very quickly hand magic brought to pornoxo a climax sperm shot out of my shaft, wet sticky feeling interrupted my dream, I was moaning, shitHell, I had made the ITB again! Scroll down the hand on his chest “remain, in which Youn say anything, ” Christ, it was Jen, “I will clean, it’s my fault” expert hands off my boxers and used clothes to clean up the mess of your fingers allowing moved my cock to clean it, stopped when he realized that I had come to life pornoxo once more my cock was on the agenda. she took his hand and pulled back the covers to indicate, “Move over”, moving quickly to my side, ” make no noise “, the fingers on my cock again, ” you have ever had pornoxo sex?”, I whispered there was a groan was followed by my response, hands on my cock, she sat down and reached into the bedside table, remove the condom from the package professionally covered my rigid shaft and kneels above me it took me took off her nightgown she leaned forward placing a hard nipple to her lips “move, leaves nothing to me,” he whispered as he gently moved her hips, “Suck my tits, “he whispered, still swaying hips, the muscles in my tail clamp release time. When I quickly rubbed her nipples were on the edge again, the release of her nipples, I moaned, saying he was in the vicinity again, put your muscles hard grip skirt now, quickly produce another jet cum, my body shakes with every blast of his movement even more urgent with each beam. When my penis gently removed it slipped by me, the condom and replaced her dress for me she kissed me on the lips “breakfast in bed for you tomorrow, I think, sleep tight ” with the left